It’s a stumble, but it’s hard to pick myself back up. 

I need to hide under my covers, but I think I sheltered myself too much.

I want to cry, but my brain starts forming do-to lists and workplans after 5 minutes.

There’s so much to do, but I just want an Ollivander’s wand to do the job.



It’s always a pleasant surprise when help is offered unexpectedly. Unfortunately the current bout of writer’s block is also extremely unexpected. Doesn’t help that I want to make sure the edited draft is of a much higher quality compared to the previous one. Deadlines seem to always affect inspiration adversely. Urgh.

Writer’s Block

Re-read what I wrote in the past few entries. None of them made particular sense. I seem to be experiencing a bout of writer’s block recently. I want to write, and I do so, but the end product is crap. Thank goodness these are not the essays I have to submit. Maybe this indicates a vacation away from this blog until I can write again.